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SinoPowell Transaction Process


1)  Source, conceptualize and/or analyze proposed project, transaction or assignment with Client, Partner and/or advisors;

2)  Determine strategic goals, realistic expectations and desired outcomes for the Parties;

3)  Formalize working and financial relationship between the Parties;

4)  Perform market research, financial modeling, feasibility and risk analyses, technical studies and other work;

5)  Complete marketing materials and Business Plan (where necessary);

6)  Distribute marketing materials to potential financial sources, buyers, sellers and/or strategic partners;

7)  Work with short-listed Parties to collect more information on Project;

8)  Bring final Parties (including possible financing sources) together to negotiate and execute Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or other working agreement;

9)  Begin due diligence on Project with legal, financial, logistical and technical advisors and, if necessary, government and diplomatic contacts;

10) Convert MOU into formal Contract and complete due diligence;

11) Satisfy all requirements, conditions and contingencies in Contract;

12) Get final approval and commitment of the Parties, advisors and Partners (including financing sources);

13) Obtain approvals, licenses and permits (legal, financial, environmental, government, regulatory, etc); and


Prospective SinoPowell

Client Checklist

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